Triglide Paper Airplane

Introduction: Triglide Paper Airplane

This planes it capable of gliding long distances.

I am new to instructables so this is my first
I made it when messing around.
it works very well
it goes in circles
maybe will do flips
and glides

it works best with light, not stiff paper

i works so yeah

that if you throw it right

NOTE: i do not OWN a camera SO i can not throw it on video

but it works believe me

Step 1: The Easiest Part


fold it in half

Step 2: Easier

fold like shown

too easy

Step 3: Classic

fold the corners to the middle

just like the formation of a a classic plane

Step 4: Easy

you know how

Step 5: Turn It Over and Fold It Back

flip over and fold the triangle back like pic

Step 6: Turn Over Agian

turn the paper over and you should look like the picture

Step 7: Fold

fold the corners down to get this

Step 8: Flip Agian

flip the paper over and get this

Step 9: ORIGAMI!!!!!!

now the inside of the slot pull the paper out from the the inside and see the next step to if you did it right

Step 10: Done With the Origami

You should have something that looks like that

Step 11: Step

fold it in half evenly

Step 12: ...

fold the side down like an airplane

Step 13: ...

fold the other side down too

Step 14: Done With That

looks like this when folded in half

Step 15: Im Bored

fold like that

Step 16:

too the other side

Step 17: DONE




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    im confused on some steps. provide more pics plz

     Oh more details:
    *It has the precision of a dart
    *It goes as far as a glider
    *It is as stable as a glider
    *It stays in the air for HECK long.


    Goooo! But without the winglets it works better.

    awesome dude ur the man!!!!!!!

    yep this is to easy ☺☻♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it is a good paper airplane but it works better outside.