Tripmine Air Pellets





Introduction: Tripmine Air Pellets

a tripmine for air soft pellets

Step 1: Tin Mouse Trap

i bought these mouse traps at a doller store,
1st.make metal plate that hits the dowl,now you can make somthing so the dowl doesnt go through the tub or just insert each time.
2. cut a hole for the string to trip the arm that sets off the trap.
3. add tub and piece of woden dowel
4. add stake for inserting in the ground

Step 2: Have Fun

i didnt spend much time on this so i know youll come up with better ideas, they dont acually hurt,but it was just to know you got hit. so have fun



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    I'll post an instructable sometime of my version, my version is more of a tripwire claymore and its really cool. I made it out of a mousetrap and a ziptie.

    Love it beautifully simple and really easy and FAST to set up on the battle field Im an airsoft sniper, so this gives me great cover from a spot that i dont always have my eye on. The best part is that people don't even know what is hitting them half the time

    OOOOHHHH.I made this before!They are really convient for setting up traps in airsoft. nice version

    Could you get a video of it in action? I think I know how it works, but could you be less vague and more clear in the actuall instructions? How do I make the metal plate and the "something so the dowl doesn't go through the tub (tube?)" How do I add the stake, welding or tape?

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    Not to discurage you from this site, but if you want more people to make this, it helps if you have clear instructions. I bought a landmine on the internet and it turned out to be worth half as much as I bought it for and it doesn't even work. That is why I would really like to build this, but I still don't really know how. \/ \/ \/ POS landmine.


    Ok even though there are no instructions I think I figured out how it works. You have a hole in the trap with a cylinder, dowel and pellets in it. Then as the trap trips it whacks the dowel and the pellets come flying out.

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    thanks pitter :),I have a lot more ideas and I thought this was the place for them,but damm people have to argue and gripe instead of just doing a little thinking.ill find some other site to share my ideas and stuff...latter


    11 years ago

    I don't get why people are so confused over this, jtobako did a great explanation of it. it is a tube, filled with pellets that are propelled by a plunger. in this case the plunger is a dowel and a mouse trap is used to push the plunger, thus propelling the pellets. really a great idea, by the way. I would have totally over-engineered it.

    here's some help. you need a mouse trap, short dowel or piece of pencil and a piece of stiff tube that the dowel fits into easily. look at the mousetrap before you set it. mark where the u shaped trap wire hits the wood. drill a hole centered on that line just big enough for your tube (or fill in the extra space with some hot glue). drill a small hole larger than your trip line underneath the trigger (the little flap of metal/plastic). thread the tripline threw the hole under the trigger then tie it to the trigger (where the cheese/peanut butter goes). glue the tube in the hole under the trap wire (most of the tube will stick out of the bottom of the trap. this side will be the 'danger' side of the claymore). shove something under the trap wire and put the dowel in the tube so that a little bit sticks out the 'top' of the mouse trap. place 'load' in the tube up against the dowel (from the 'bottom' side). set the trap. lay out the trip wire. if you pull it tight, you will set off the trap. what happens is that when the string pulls the trigger, the mouse trap wire strikes the dowel and sends the load (and the dowel) off down range.