Truck Dash Basket

Introduction: Truck Dash Basket

We all know you shouldn't clutter up your dash with junk. Unless your a neat freak it happens. Then the temp drops and your defrost vents are blocked and your windshield clouds up, not good. This will help keep your dash vents clear by adding a basket to your dash, thus keeping some things in reach.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

1 basket (got mine cheap at Walmart)
1 pack of Scotch heavy duty velcro ( found at Radio Shack)
A sharp knife
Alcohol cleaning pad (diabetic supplies in Walmart)

Step 2: Cutting

You can cut away the front part or leave it there. That's up to you. Cut the Velcro strips into 4 pieces

Step 3: Placing

Use the alcohol pad to wipe down your dash and basket. The glue on the Velcro will stick better. Place the cut Velcro strips onto four places under the basket. Try to align them onto spots that will also touch your dash.

Step 4: Finishing

Affix it onto your dash and your done.

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