Dolly for Camera Tripod

Bring first time you PVC tube with a length of one meter, this will serve to make rail.
(Even number)! 
As well as cleat that will help you cross to position the parallel streaks (their length is not important but it will adapt to the cart later).
Bring you also screws, 8 wheels ,4 square, a board and keep the length of cleat in reserve.

Step 1: Assembly of Rail

At each end of pipes drill holes large enough for your screws can pass through entirely , then screw the brackets to tubes of a way that the tube is parallel.
If you make several lengths of rail, you can reach them with wine cork stoppers so they remain properly aligned
Donner son avis sur la traduction.

Step 2: Truck Manufacturing

see the gauge on your board in order to properly position the vertical wheels on the length of cleats that screw you kept the other two wheels.
Once the wheels screwed to the battens, you can screw the cleats on the board making sure the wheels are encompassed tube (repeat both extremitées of the board).

Step 3:



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