Turn ANY Speaker Into a Microphone in Just 2 Easy Steps.




im sure most of you have small stereo speakers laying around the house that are broken or just useless to you. but a cool thing about speakers and microphones is that they are practically the same thing. in this simple instructable i will show you how to use ANY speaker as a mic.
*note: headphones work too*
Materials needed:
XLR cable
1xDecent sized speaker

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Step 1: Strip Your XLR Cable

the first thing you need to do is strip your XLR cable. inside the cable you should find a positive wire, a negative wire, and a ground (the only wire that doesnt have rubber around it. this wire will not be used"

Step 2: Connect Your XLR Cable to Your Speaker

now you need to connect your XLR cable to the speaker. this part is easy and soldering is optional.
ok so depending on what speaker your using you may or may not need to take the speaker apart. 

(instructions for a speaker with wire clips on the back)
1: just connect the positive and negative wire to the back of the speaker

(instructions for speaker without wire clips)
1: if your speaker has a wire coming out the back then you can just cut the wire and connect it to the XLR and your done.
2: if your speaker does not have a wire coming out of it then you need to open your speaker. there should only be a few screws you need to undo. 
3: once your speaker is open you should see the back of the ACTUAL speaker. you will see a positive and negative connector on the speaker. just connect the XLR to that.

and thats it. its that easy. you can now talk into your speaker and it will be a microphone. simple!



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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago


    did you try with earbuds as well?


    2 years ago

    Good job! Definitely easy for scavengers. I'm assuming you can connect it to a standard audio jack as well. Have you tested the quality though? Is it better to use this or buy a microphone? I like the concept though.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    i watched a video where they used one of these in a guitar as opposed to having a pickup; here is the link https://youtu.be/vVQPE5c1XLA?t=5m52s skip to 8:10 to hear the quality


    2 years ago

    What I want to know is what do you hook the other end of the xlr cable to to make it so you can either listen or record the sound from the newly made mic? how would I do that?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    you connect it to any xlr input on an amp or something. you could buy and adapter. or you could just wire the speaker to a standard output jack and use it with a normal instrument cable