Turn Any Liquid Into a Sauce or Gravy

Introduction: Turn Any Liquid Into a Sauce or Gravy

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If you want to customize your chicken or top some vegetables with little or nothing in the fridge, this is what your looking for. 

Step 1: A Basic Application of the Sauce Technique

What im going to be doing is making a roux. With this roux you can make any sauce imaginable. From chicken gravy on potatoes to brown sugar Jack Daniels sauce on steak. Today Im making mac-n-cheese the awesome way for those college students out there who could use a pointer on how to spruce up 69 cent cheesy noodles. 

the ingredients you'll need are:

1 box mac-n-cheese
roux -- (1 1/2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon flour 
1 cup cold liquid) Im using chicken broth

Step 2: Boil Those Noodles!

If using a less salty sauce it would do good to put a good amount of salt in the water to flavor the noodles when they take in the water.

Step 3: Let Cheese Mix Join the Mise En Place Party.

Mise en place is a term used to describe having all your ingredients ready and close together before you start cooking so you aren't running around the kitchen looking for stuff while your food is burning. 

Step 4: Drain Noodles

If you dont have a strainer, the bottom of a plate bigger than the pan will work. Remember to keep good pressure on the plate! now put the noodle in a bowl and send em back to the mise en place party.

Step 5: ROUX Time

Set pan on low heat. Add the butter first then once its melted pour in the flour. Stir it around until the flour is all wet. if it starts to get too clumpy, put a little butter to loosen it up (HEALTH TIP): Never use metal objects to stir in non-stick pans, use wood. not only does it ruin the non-stick part, you dont want those particles in your food. and stay away from aluminum pans..they're no good. 

Step 6: Let the Mix Cook Until Its a Crispy Color

It will probably be about five minutes until its done so make sure your liquid is ready. The liquid needs to be cold because the roux is hot, but never mind all that,  just prepare your liquid before hand if heat is needed then put it in the freezer for a bit. i mixed only half the cheese powder in because there is already salt in the broth. now you have extra powdered cheese for another dish or sauce.

Step 7: Add the Liquid to the Roux and Stir

Stir it until you find your desired consistancy 

Step 8: Pour and Enjoy

take the pan and pour into your conveniently placed noodles and BAM! bowl of awesomeness. 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Another great trick for low budget/low effort sauces is to make your liquid first, then sift in 1-2Tbls of Corn flour (corn starch) this also thickens it into a gravy/sauce and skips the roux stage (which I find a lot of my friends manage to make lumpy and dry)