TwistE Tie Creations

BTW just to lay this down, i am Luke's little 12 year old bro. These are some of my twistE tie creations. Enjoy!
(i will be making many updates to this instructible so keep checking back in to see whats new)



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    cool, I make stickmen and weapons with twist ties, and make them fight XD. I also weave 30cm twist ties together, I made gauntlets out of them but I left them outside one day and it rained an they were ruined :( afew years back, never had the ambition to make another pair.

    Oh, I did this every time my mom took me to the grocery store when I was a kid. I actually was about to make an instructable in a few months about how to do this, but yours are more sophisticated than mine. You win!

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    thanks! my brother is crazy whenever we go to the store, he'll grab like fifty from the thing and we get weird looks from all the employees.