Two Piece Christmas Card on the Laser Cutter

Introduction: Two Piece Christmas Card on the Laser Cutter

I found this free design at the epilogue laser site and using drop box I uploaded and went to the TechShop

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Step 1:

The nice thing about the laser is that you can do a test run without any cuts. I was having a hard time getting two of the outline lines to be done. I finally figured out that they were guide lines which needed to be enabled using a drop down box on the right. 

Step 2:

I set up the preferences on the machine - this was a cutting or vector project. Since I was using card stock I was afraid the suggested settings for matte board would be to much. I ended up needing to do two passes to cut through. So on the next ones I used the settings recommended for matte board and it worked fine. I would probably play around with speeding it up a bit to avoid the slight scorching that occurred, which might require a slight increase in power. 

Step 3:

I also needed to work on the job start orientation - I was using a template for a page rather than the template of the laser bed. Once I overcame these problems, I let the machine cut.

Step 4:

Admittedly, it was a lot of time for a Christmas card. But I was at the TechShop to learn and to lock in what I had been taught in class. I learned some things and it is a pretty cool card.

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