Tying a Wooly Bugger for Fly Fishing

Introduction: Tying a Wooly Bugger for Fly Fishing

The woolly bugger is one of the most popular streamers for fishing trout. It comes in many different colors, including brown, olive, purple, and black. the color I am tying today. Wooly buggers immitate a variety of different food that trout love, like leeches, minnows, salamanders, tadpoles, crayfish, and dragonflys.

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Step 1: Materials

materials you will need.
strung marabou black
black chenile
black hackle
size 6-12 streamer hooks I am using size 8
black thread
gold beads to fit hook
lead wire for wieght
head cement I use nail polish it works the same as the cement

Step 2:

Put bead on the hook small end first. place hook in vise and tie on thread.

Step 3:

tie on the black marabou so there is about an inch for the tail. then tie in lead wire and wrap up to the bead.

Step 4:

tie on the chenile in the back.

Step 5:

tie on the skiniest part of the hackle on the back of the hook. then wrap chenile down and tie it off. then wrap hackle down and tie it off.

Step 6: Final Step

last steps whip finish it and apply cement.

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