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Hi, when I make electronic projects on bread boards, I need to refer to the electronic diagrams and even if I have them on my tablet and lap top but having them fixed on a board in front of me is more convenient, it can be used for typing long papers which are hand written or while I translate English texts in to my own language so the usage of such holder is abundant, hence I decided instead of buying one making one. The materials are as followed:

· Materials:

1 – 250 mm×400 mm sheet made of polycarbonate

2 – Enough length of 20 mm electrical duct cover

3 - A small switch

4 – 20 mm 5730, 12 V LED strip, 1 M < = 14.4 W

5 – A clip

6 – Enough length of wire

7 – A female connector to connect to a 12 V adaptor

8 – 2 screws with nuts

9 – Two pieces of polycarbonate sheet each 300 × 40 mm and 12× 40 mm

10 – 3 plastic paper binders

· Tools:

1 – Soldering Iron

2 – Solder

3 – Cutter

4 – Wire cutter

5 – Glue

· Instruction

1 – Cut the polycarbonate sheet from the main sheet

2 – Glue the duct covers to the sheet

3 – Make a hole for the switch on the duct cover and insert switch from that

4 – Attach the LED strip which is soldered to wires to the duct cover

5 – Stick the supporting frame of LED to the main frame with glue

6 – Glue the supports and make a “L” from them and then attach them to the main board

7 – Use wire and attach it to the switch from behind the board with solder

8 – Attach the female connector to the end of wire.

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