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Introduction: Ukulele Wall Mount - Cheap and Easy

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Hi there,

I recently made some wall mounts for my beloved ukuleles and would like to share them with you.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Here's what you need for making the Ukulele Wall mounts:


long screw (less than 1€ for 6 pcs, 10cm in length)
wall plug (optional, depending on type of wall)
plastic cap for the screw head (about 2€ for 30 pcs)
3mm Foam board or other type of plastic (free or very cheap)
plastic pipe for the screw to fit through (1,20€ for 1  meter)


cutter knife
drill and drill bit that matches the screw
center punch (more or less optional, but it helps with drilling)
saw or knife for cutting the plastic board circles and the pipe (I used my band saw)

Step 2: Preparation

figure out how many wall mounts you need for your ukulele.

For my pineapple ukulele, I used three wall mounts
(pineapple describes the oblong shape of the instrument body, mine happens to be printed with pineapple design, too)

For the traditionally shaped ukulele, two wall mounts are sufficient, but you could add an extra one for more stability

I held the ukuleles in place and used a pencil to mark the spots on the wall where the holes for the mounts have to be.

Step 3: Making the Parts

for every wall mount, you will need a big and a small plastic circle, a piece of the plastic tube, a long screw and a plastic cap for the screw head.

These are the dimensions I used:

plastic pipe diameter: 12mm
plastic pipe length: 65mm
big disc diameter: 40mm
small disc diameter: 22mm
screw length: 100mm
hole diameter: 5mm

The required length of the wall mounts depends on the depth of your ukulele body.

The small disk has to be countersunk so the screw head is flush with the front.

Cut the discs with a handsaw, a band saw or a knife, cut the pipe to length.
Deburr and smooth all edges using a knife and sandpaper.

Step 4: Assemble and Mount

Put all the parts on the screw in the correct order. Make sure to mount the countersunk disc in the right direction.

It depends on your type of wall if you need a wall plug. I just hammered a hole with a big nail and screwed them directly into the wall.

Just screw the screw into the wall.
Before you tighten it all the way, you may wish to adjust the pipe a little bit.
After tightening the screw, put on the screw cap and you're done. (well, maybe not... my screw caps kept falling off, so I put a little blu-tack n each screw head and pushed the plugs in)

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