Underwater Rov for Marine Conservation




this is from the article i read from (nature.org) link to article below they did this only in California but i would like to do this for anyone that needs it they only did it for 5 yrs i would like to make this my business i have a business plan and license already i just need the cash to build the rov 's with the cost to make then i will be able to make 2 this is a life long dream of mine and after i read the article i decided its time to do it and through the instructables for rov's gave me great ideas on a design  my D.O.B is (06/22/1981)


i would like to do this not only for marine conservation but to also use this for inspecting piers, boat hulls, wells, and as bad as it is where i live people drown in the rivers here and are lost they have divers but they dont go down for long at a time with this the would be able to search all of the targeted area in the rivers and lakes. Hundreds of people drown and are lost in lakes and rivers all across America each year

so as you can see there are many uses for this



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    This might be of interest to you, but deadline is this Friday!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    sir Ryan, I commented on ur youtube video some time ago. sir, what about making an instructable about how to waterproof a dc motor? there are other instructables, but they are not sufficient, they give info poor performace wayerproofing, suits only small depth for small motors.