Unikitty Lego

Intro: Unikitty Lego

hand made all from felt .. material. . glue boxes

Step 1: Box Head

long hard work to finish this but worth it



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2 Discussions

Nanny Jo

3 years ago on Introduction

Excellent job!.... I am going to attempt this for my Grandbaby Girls end of year Calisthenics concert ..... I was a little disappointed tho' ... signed up for a 2yr subscription thinking I'd get all the instructions , pattern etc ( suit included) . Will let you know how I get on.


3 years ago on Introduction

These costumes are too cute!

If you felt so inclined, it would be great to see some additional steps and written information on how you made these. They look so great, and I think people would love to see how the details of how they were done. Just a tip! :)