How to Build a Unique Shelf

Introduction: How to Build a Unique Shelf

here is step by step instructions on how I made my self

Step 1: Find It

find a old shelf you want to make look unique

Step 2: Off With the Only in the The New

take the old wall mounting hardware off and save it. we will reporpuse it and use it again

Step 3: Sand the Old Off !

I sanded all the old paint off to get a smooth bare wood

Step 4: A Unique Look !

I desided that I liked the wood but I wanted it darker so I took a blow torch and lightly burned the wood do this in a well ventilated area

Step 5: Make It Look Nice Not Old

after the wood was bury I lightly sanded to lift the grain and get Rid of any really burned wood

Step 6: Make It Look New !

then I polyurethaned it so it would have a glossy look

Step 7: Set Yourself Apart From Everyone Else

I added chain to the wall bracket to add a extra unique factor to it I used hot glue and clamps to secure the Chain to the while the glue dried

Step 8: Put It Back Together

I put the wall bracket back on the self

Step 9: Hang It Up

I hung up the self and made sure everything looked good

Step 10: Now !

now you have a nice new self that looks amazing with little cost to you

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