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    2 years ago

    To Pfred2:
    How about a full set of Bedrocks from the #2 to the 605's including the all the corrugated beds and all NIB. Found them in 1999 in an old hardware store in Purrto Rico that was closing down after over 75 years in business. Paid $750 cash for All of them. Been offered over 1k just for the #2 but No they are not for sale.


    2 years ago

    It's a tool to set the angle of the teeth on wood hand saw

    Definitely saw tooth set. I own sevral and use them on antique saws when restoring them. DO NOT get rid of it. That 5 dollar saw you find in a yard sale might be worth 500 dollars. I sold a saw last week for 573 bucks. (all he had in his pocket.)

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    wish i would have seen this about a year ago ... i have a stanley tool much like this one but with a few extra dials for setting depths and pitchs i guesss and i swear i researched on and off for nearly a year and a half before i came across an instruction manual for my model for sale somewhere online . and woow Richie 114 who woulda thought obsolete tools could fetch so much ! they do posses a certain element of nastalgia (spellcheck) though i suppose

    That saw you sold better have been a 12" compound slide miter chop saw. Only saws I know of worth so much! I'm always on the lookout for good hand saws myself. For a buck or two ...

    Haha! I wouldn't sell my miter saw, My Milwaukee 12" sliding compound is worth a lot more to me than it sold for, My wife got it for my birthday :)
    I love my antique tools though, I have a stanley #55 plane that'd give most people a run for their money just trying to figure out how it works! Google it for some pics of a wild looking wonder!
    It had ALL its blades too :) I just wish the box was in better shape.

    Well not being most people I've seen plenty of Stanley #55s 100% complete MIB so you're going to have to try a little more to pique my interest. Maybe a Sandusky Tool Co. 1876 Centennial center-wheel plow plane might do the trick. Google that!

    I use my tools so that having been said my plane collection is more mundane. I don't typically spend more than $5 for one either. Most in the $2-$3 range. For what a #55 tries to do I reach for a router.

    Some working planes I have.


    It a saw tooth seter. It used to set the teeth on a hand saw. When you have missaline teeth on a saw.

    Wish there had been a video of a cycle... I think it is an early nibber to cut holes in thin sheet metal... it takes a small piece of the metal out with each squeese

    Think it might be a saw set plier. the punch would push the tooth of the saw over to achieve the desit=red set

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    thank you masterchippy,been doing some searching and you are right,very much appreciated,thank you

    thanks for your comment but i have to say when you squeeze the handle a small like punch comes up from bottom and the turn knob on front is an adjustable for the metal piece in front