Unlock Your I Device Fast!




Introduction: Unlock Your I Device Fast!

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Have a passcode on your Apple device? And want to unlock it faster? Well here is a way to!

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Step 1: Go to Your Settings

The first step is to go to your settings, so you can actually set up the time you want for the autolock.

Step 2: Click on General

then, go to general. this is where your passcode settings are.

Step 3: Go to Auto-lock

change this to however long you want it to not lock after the device is sleeping.

Step 4: Done!

to test this, hit the sleep button. then unlock your device. it should unlock, then, if its set to one minute, then lock the device and don't unlock it for 1 minute. it should ask for a password. There you have it!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    You can also unlock your iPhone using remote unlocking method..You can get this service from any commercial vendors online like WickedUnlock.com