Introduction: Spread

spread is 2nd work of "unsettled" project. In this work, a camera is controlled by the Geiger counter, and the camera releases the shutter whenever the Geiger counter detects radiation. Thus, these photographs are taken not by a person's will but by an environmental factor. We can notice the subtle difference of these photographs, each of that were taken in different places and radiation levels.

unsettled project by Kotaro Abe + Yasuaki Kakehi, 2014

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Step 1:


1) Camera: Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony or Minolta with IR sensor (from http://sebastian.setz.name/arduino/my-libraries/multi-camera-ir-control/)
2) Arduino Uno, Nano or else
3) a Geigercounter (I'm always using SEN10742 from Sparkfun)
5) battery packs (if you want to use one outside)

How to control a camera refers to http://sebastian.setz.name/arduino/my-libraries/multi-camera-ir-control/

Step 2: How

What you should do to make <spread> is only two thing! Connect a IR LED, an Arduino and a Geigercounter together and let the IR LED blink to release the shutter of a camera. (just like a pic below)

How to control a camera refers to http://sebastian.setz.name/arduino/my-libraries/multi-camera-ir-control/ 

Step 3: Codes

/* Using a library from
http://sebastian.setz.name/arduino/my-libraries/multi-camera-ir-control/ */
#include "multiCameraIrControl.h"

const int GM = 6; //connect Pin 6 to a Geigercounter's OUT Pin
int geigercount = 1;
int null;

/* if you use Nikon camera */
Nikon D5000(9); //connect an IRED to Pin 9 to control camera through an IRED

void setup(){
  pinMode(GM, INPUT);

void loop(){
  /* everytime a Geigercounter detects radiation */
  if(digitalRead(GM) == null){

Step 4: Other "unsettled" Project


If you have some questions about this project, feel free to ask me by e-mail.


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