Upcycled Bedside Cabinets




I recently decided to try to 'upcycle' furniture, after being inspired by several images on the internet. In the attic, I found two bedside cabinets, formerly an office desk that had been cut into two. Here is how it turned out...

Step 1: Sanding, Sanding and More Sanding

Firstly, I completely sanded both cabinets down, which took forever!

I then patched both up, a process which involved cutting a new back for one cabinet with the jig-saw and realigning the top surface of the over so it was straight by adding a strip of wood.

I re-glued several of the drawers to add strength and used filler to smooth out all of the dents.

I painted the drawers and top of both cabinets, then sanded them down once again to get a smooth finish.

The brass handles were also extremely dirty, so I soaked them in vinegar, flour and salt before buffing them with brasso until they had a mirror-like shine.

Step 2: The Final Lick of Paint

One more coat of paint later and a few screws to attach the handles, and here we are! Two rustic yet modern looking drawers, perfect for a bed side. I am hoping to sell these on to make a bit of money (if anyone knows of anywhere I could sell these for a reasonable price please let me know!)



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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you haha! Let me know how you get on! Sold them on ebay for £75 now, not bad!


    3 years ago



    3 years ago on Step 2

    Love it ! Looks like the perfect height for the bedside. I have had pretty good luck selling on Craig's list - also check out some of the local flea markets - you might find someone who would add them to their booth for a small 'consignment' fee. Good luck.


    3 years ago

    ebay, Craigslist, etsy. all are good sites to sell from.

    nice work, BTW!