(updated) Duct Tape Wallet





Introduction: (updated) Duct Tape Wallet

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how to make a duct tape wallet.

Step 1: The Put the Pieces Together

make 6 of the things the picture

1. use the exposed part to stick them together of the tape to make a larger peace that you can fold to make the main pocket of the wallet (see picture 2)

2. use an other one to make a pocket and a smaller one inside the main pocket for change

Step 2: How to Make a Expanding Pocket

there are two ways to make a expanding pocket one is to put the pieces of tape to close together and press it down (see pictures 1-2)

and the better way to do it is fold two pieces of tape together to and a 2 peaces over the top and one on the inside to and one on the bottom to hold the stuff in (see 3-4)

Step 3: Whatever

make any thing you want



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    22 Discussions

    I believe

    I made an instructable on how to make a duct tape wallet you should check it out its easier to make.

    this is impossible!!! the instuctions make no sense!!!

    interesting idea dude. Another idea i've had and implemented quite nicely is a pocket made of clear packing tape for id cards and such.

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    This is my Duct Tape Wallet; I've been using it for about 4 months, and I used a much easier, less messy method to make it.It works with all types of Duct tape, and looks pretty OK. I posted these pics so that if any one of you wanted to make a less messy, better looking wallet, you could just PM me or leave a reply. I'm not saying that this wallet isn't cool, just that it might be easier to make mine.

    Photo 21.jpgPhoto 23.jpgPhoto 24.jpg

    My wallet. I put some sheet aluminium on the ends to it will be years before it wears out, the soda can tab chain hole is reinforced with more sheet aluminium, and i have a duct tape holder that fits neatly in the pockets.

    wallet001.jpgwallet 002.jpgwallet 003.jpgwallet 005.jpgwallet 006.jpgwallet 010.jpg

    If that pocket for picks is meant for guitar picks, you're too late. I already did that!!! (Chuckle Chuckle) Pick-Pocket... :)

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    Very sexy and Sleek, I must build one!

    Nice instructible, thanks for sharing the idea. I've tried it out, and it looks really nice! It didn't cost me more than €0.40 and one hour.!

    i think you can plate it with foil it will block FRID signals i dont have one so some one has to try that