Updating Old Jewelry

Introduction: Updating Old Jewelry

bored of old jewelry then update it

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Step 1:

You will need
some old jewelry
paint (optional)
rhinestone applicator or just glue and some rhinestones

Step 2:

start by choosing the right head for the applicator preferably the same size as the rhinestones leave the applicator to heat up.

Step 3:

Take one of the bracelets or jewelry and glue on some rhinestones
I bought this band bracelet from France and I have had it it for a while so I Houghton I might glitz it up

Step 4:

You can also paint them and then add jems in glitter

Step 5:

I didn't like this necklace much so I created a peace sign from rhinestones

Step 6:

even supportive bands such as the poppy appeal can be glitzed up to.

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