Upgrading Ram in a Thinkpad T60

Introduction: Upgrading Ram in a Thinkpad T60

Is your thinkpad old and slow? Or perhaps the RAM has worn out? well help is here.

Step 1: Buy Replacement RAM.

amazon sells them i think.

Step 2: Warning

I am not responsible for any damage caused. Also, i'm doing this on my bed, which is a mistake. Always use an area with as little fabric as possible.

Step 3: Remove the Battery.

so you aren't electrocuted

Step 4: Unscrew Screws.

The screw holes should have a little keyboard symbol on it. Should be about seven screws.

Step 5: Flip Over Laptop and Open.

Open the front compartment.

Step 6: Open Up Bottom Compartment


Step 7: Unclick RAM.

unclick silver clasps. it should spring up.

Step 8: Insert New RAM.

Put in at angle and push back down.

Step 9: Seal It Up

click back on compartment and reinsert screws

Step 10: Boot It Up.

to check RAM works.

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