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 In this instructable i'm giving a 1GB usb a new case which as the title points out the casing is a capacitor.

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Step 1: Materials

necessary materials include:
                  -usb drive (obviously)
                  -sacrificial capacitor
                  -knife,drill,pliers anything necessary to disembowel the capacitor
                  -hot glue (my favorite!)
                  -flat head screwdriver

make sure your usb itself is smaller than the capacitor

Step 2: Prep

     if it is a bracelet all thats needed is to slip a screwdriver around the edges of the usb and slip it out if it is a regular plastic case pop it apart with a knife or any means necessary
     set that aside. than take a small flat head screwdriver and slip it along the outside ring of the capacitor and pry it off revealing the guts of the capacitor you will need to remove most of the guts in order to fit the flash drive in.

Step 3: Finishing

   finishing up put hot glue into what's left of the capacitor fill it 3/4 up with hot glue wait for the hot glue to cool a little so as it doesn't cook the flash drive.
   last thing to do is take rubber cap that used to be on the bottom of the capacitor cut a rectangular hole in it  and fit it around the usb and lever it back into place.

 and there you have it folks a usb capacitor.

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    8 Discussions


    3 years ago

    It would be nice to have a 5.5volt super capactior to plug into a usb with a power module regulater to recharge tablets or stor power from your laptop for a usb light or something.


    5 years ago

    Hey ryan got the tutorial up for my blowgun be sure to comment and subscribe. Very nice idea those things are like electrical bombs. How's about a disposable camera taser I've seen many ibles on those but none were very good!!! Thanks, Liam

    1 reply

    6 years ago

    I absolutely love the geek-factor here! Thanks!

    nice idea, i thought upon seeing the image and title that you were putting a usb connector onto a capacitor though which strikes me as a guaranteed way to wreck your usb port. i'm guessing that the capacitor came from a camera flash.

    1 reply

    6 years ago

    Be sure to wear gloves and safety goggles. Electrolytic capacitors are filled with a caustic paste.

    this is new! I love it! how about a spdt switch to charge the cap and shock a few people? haha i kid. nice idea