Use Light Strip From a Printer Scanner


Introduction: Use Light Strip From a Printer Scanner

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we have seen different colours coming of of the scanner
they are mainly.


we can light it up just using some wire and 9volt battery

Step 1: Taking Out the Light Strip

now open up the and remove the motor and the gears
you are gonna need a fine screwdriver to open up the screw on the light strip


you are done taking it apart into pieces

don't. pull the. board on it

you will find 4 soldered area

be careful with them

use soldering iron to loss it

and then remove the board

Step 2: The Light Strip

now the light strip is apart
you can solder wires on the white stirp

Step 3:

the red dot is the positive
and the other three wire are of red green blue

Step 4: Finished

now its finished you can use a 9volt battery to light it up


if you have any creative way to use there strips please let me know

Step 5: Reusing It

if you broke the tri led on the end side

you can find this small led light
and stick it to the end side

it glows

its like a light saber as in star wars ????

Step 6:



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    this looks like one tricolor LED and a light conducting prism, i "disassembled" one just yesterday :)

    2015-01-18 21.49.48.jpg
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    thank you for uploading so clear image after watching these pictures I removed the parts of the light strip and discovered there was a plastic rod and at the end of it was a single tri colour led you can try to find the positive terminal on your led
    and other three will be terminal for other colours


    Your tutorial sparked me to think about making a light box with the strips and the glass from an old scanner?

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    Ooo such pretty colors and a nice harvest from old broken machines. I can't wait to see what you end up doing with the light strip. Welcome to instructables!

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    thank you
    I am gonna make night light out of it as soon as I find the right parts in junk
    and update this


    3 years ago

    salvaged one of these at the weekend along with some other bits from a broken printer scanner.

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    there are stepper motors or DC motor. in scanners
    you can reuse them too


    3 years ago

    May be you'll need to hook up a resistor to limit the current on your LEDs so they'll not get that hot

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    I used it for 58 minutes 2 seconds. it didn't heat up

    I have one that I was going to use for a desk lamp.

    The problem is that it gets HOT! The normal duty-cycle for one of these is not that long, so I still have it, but I don't know what I'm going to do with it now.

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    I used it for like an hour everything seems fine
    I guess you might be having old type of scanner