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IR protocol analyzer is a universal application  for  automatic  decoding dozens types of
infrared remote control protocol packets. The application uses microphone input of a soundcard to
capture infrared signal  form a remote control. As a consequence, the hardware receiver is
minimalistic  and easy to build;  just plug a photo-transistor to input of your sound-card, that’s all
hardware you need.
Application processes IR signal from a remote control and compares it with its own database of
known protocols. When a match is found, packet is decoded and its characteristic is displayed to user
(including protocol name, description, decoded data and graph with timing). 
Protocol definitions are stored in separate XML file. This XML file can be easily modified and
new protocol definitions can be added by user. When an unknown packet is captured, user may still
display its graph with timing details. Then, on the basis of the graph and timing, he may create new
protocol description. 
All captured data can be saved to a file and restored later. Moreover, packet graph can be
exported to a bitmap image.

IR Remote protocol analyzer software

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    Sorry , why your emitter pin of phototransistor is not connected the ground. PLS refer to's%20manual.pdf

    Thanks for all


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    This is old, but for people like me drifting in here through google, he's essentially using it as a photodiode rather than a phototransistor. If one of the edges is left floating (such as connecting to just the first or last P and N of a PNP transistor), you're instead looking at a diode with an extra doped layer sitting beside it doing nothing. The whole phototransistor in this circuit could be replaced with a photodiode and work identically, but in the majority of receiving devices a phototransistor is used to do the amplification/frequency filtering right off the bat and since we're here on instructables many (most?) of us are probably raiding a one of them rather than using new components so it'll be what a lot of us have.


    2 months ago

    I'm always getting unknown protocol. What is wrong ? I'm trying to use AC IR remote control. Please advice.


    3 years ago

    i really need this soft with my all greetings


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi brother...

    i had read your post of "analyzing IR Protocol"...

    To decode IR protocol i am following one s/w which is at below link..

    My basic quary to you is by using photo diode + microphone jack + PC...if i get some waves n protocol details from that s/w....then according to that data how can i write code according to it. Specially i want to use 89c51 for it, but i also familier to work with PIC.AVR. N initially i want to just turn ON/OFF the 4 to 5 LED according to key pressed by ir remote

    The remote i want to use is below vire company

    Kindly reply ....