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Introduction: Uses Inside a Lantern Battery

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There are plenty of things you can use a battery for, but have you ever wondered what's usable inside?

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Step 1: Hacking Inside.

First get some safety gear. safety goggles, thick gloves, ect. THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. DO NOT ATTEMPT UNLESS YOU ARE AWARE OF THE DANGERS. I am NOT responsible for any damage caused by this DIY.

Then, take a knife and cut along the line that attaches the bottom to the top. As shown above.

Then you can take a screwdriver and pry the top off.

Step 2: The Cover Is Blown!

After the top is off, all the battery cells are visible. (img1 step2)

You can then remove the wires on top. (img2 step2)

Then, after pulling the cell partly out of the plastic 'case', you will see another wire connected to the side. You'll have to remove that wire. (img3 step2)

Step 3: Breaking In.

After the cell is out, you can start ripping in. My weapon of choice is a pair of wire cutters.

you can use the wire cutters to peel the nickel casing downward.

Step 4: First Steps in Success!

Once the nickel casing is peeled back enough, you can remove the plastic cap and some paper to see the end of a very large rod of carbon. (The most valuable piece in the battery to me.)

Step 5: Almost Done.

After another plastic cap is removed (img2 step4) we can see all the chemicals and we're pretty much done.

All we have to do is peel back the rest of the nickel (vid1 step6) and remove the chemicals from the carbon rod.

Step 6: One Small Step For...

now we can start to remove the chemicals.

Step 7: That Was Fun.

the video in this step is showing all that was collected.

Nickel, plastic (scrap), carbon rod, and plenty of chemicals for future experiments!

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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Yeah, I also was pretty sure its zinc. Did you ever find out what the story is?

    F N L
    F N L

    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes. It was in fact zinc. My source was painfully incorrect :)

    F N L
    F N L

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    unless the researching I've done on that company is wrong, it's actually nickel


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the prompt I I can't think why I've not thought of that before.