Uzi (mac10)

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im going to show you how to make a card board uzi  im making this instructible for 11rex11 so please post a good comment after

Step 1: Tools

you will need:
scisors and or an exacto nife
a printer
ink catrige (black)

Step 2: Printing

print out the pdf

Step 3: Cardboard

glue the sheet to the card board and cut out the pieces and then assemble the pieces with glue or tape

Step 4: The Results

 it shoud end up like this after



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    No, the Uzi is Israeli and the Mac 10 is American. Made by different people, so it can't be the "ancestor" of the Uzi.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Well im here and i told you so! But one complaint there is one actual image. I know its a simple project but if your going to post something you might not wanna use the same image twice. Otherwise not bad!