Vacuum Filter Duct Tape Hack




Introduction: Vacuum Filter Duct Tape Hack

This was  a silly idea... nevermind...



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    Towels or tshirts will only catch the largest particles. The finer dust will run right through, and hang in the air for hours. (And it's the finer dust that screws up your lungs.)

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    Wouldn't sweeping with a broom also launch fine dust into the air?

    Yep. Which is why you don't use a broom to sweep up a wood shop.

    It's all a matter of what you're sweeping up, and where.

    This would be fine, for sweeping up leaves out on the deck. You'd not want to use it to clean up sawdust around your tablesaw.

    I wonder if there is some fabric or cloth that is similar to the stuff the filters are made of that would make this hack work for fine particles?