Vacuum Pistol




This was inspired by NightHawkInLight's "How to Make a Vacuum Cannon" tutorial.

I used:

  1. Automotive Brake System Vacuum Pump $40 at Harbor Freight
  2. Large Prescription Bottle
  3. Aluminum Drinking Straw $2-about at 7- Eleven
  4. Silicon
  5. Aluminum Foil
  6. Electrical Tape
  7. Super Glue

What I did:

  1. Drilled hole in medicine bottle cap and bottom to fit straw.
  2. Then drilled several small holes around one end of the straw.
  3. Inserted straw into bottle so the small holes are inside the bottle.
  4. Close bottle then silicon both ends.
  5. Attach as shown.
  6. Then, just try not to break anything.



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