Coding Game With Vbs

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like the do not press game but in VBS

Step 1: The Code

just copy and paste this into notepad and save as whatever.vbs


x=msgbox("DO NOT PRESS",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("*ahem* I SAID DO NOT PRESS",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("... YOU PRESSED IT AGAIN."& vbCrLf & "OK PUNK, PRESS IT AGAIN.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("YEAH, THAT'S IT."& vbCrLf & "COME ON, ONE MORE TIME.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("DO IT.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Okay, now you've had your fill."& vbCrLf & "STOP CLICKING!",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You see, this is why we can't be friends.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You're just too selfish.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox(" you've asked for it."& vbCrLf & "Do NOT press THE OK BUTTON!",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You seem to be immune to my mind control.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("TIME FOR PLAN B."& vbCrLf & "Press it! you know you want to.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Mhahahahahahaha! Now let's see how you press it!"& vbCrLf & "LOSER!",3,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("...this displeases me.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("...I hate you.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("In that 'cut off your head with a"& vbCrLf & "toothbrush' kind of way.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Quick, what's behind you!.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Which one is it?"& vbCrLf & "Not so smart now, are ya?!",2,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Okay, Okay. You can press the OK button."& vbCrLf & "I don't care.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("No really, I don't care anymore.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("In fact, I lost intrest a while ago.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("I'm doing this just to entertain you.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Do you like cartoons?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("...and paint?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Cartoons and paint?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Well you should.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Let me use your internet.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You have a virus.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("See, you just can't trust me."& vbCrLf & "Or can you?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You know, I'm glad we get"& vbCrLf & "to spend so much time together.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Doesn't it make you want to stop"& vbCrLf & "Clicking OK buttons.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("No seriously.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Look deep inside you.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("What if I told you that the next "& vbCrLf & "time you press the OK button, the world" & vbCrLf & "will explode?" ,0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("See.You could have been"& vbCrLf & "dead right there.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("And there.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You know, eventually"& vbCrLf & "I'll stop letting you get away with this.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("The WORLD is going to explode"& vbCrLf & "and all you care about is pressing OK buttons.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Okay, this time the world will"& vbCrLf & "explode. I guarantee.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("BOOM!"& vbCrLf & "You're dead.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("That wasn't very smart now, was it?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Everyone's dead. even you",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("I'm not. I'm just text.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("But you're dead.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Ha! Dead-face!",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Stop clicking.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Have I ever told you how much i hate you?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Well I do.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("I'm gonna start talking backwards"& vbCrLf & "if you click me one more time.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("?uoy nac ,won em daer t'naC !AH",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("What, you didn't want to read me anyways?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Then I'll show you.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox(" ",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox(" ",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You really are stubborn. ",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Stop clicking! Please... ",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Look, you've reduced me"& vbCrLf & "to begging. so please stop.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("I'll give you a nickel.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Dime? ",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Quarter? ",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Aww come on! Just stop!",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("All right...",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Let's get funky!",48,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("I bet you're starting to wonder"& vbCrLf & "why you've been doing this"& vbCrLf & "for so long! ",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Jeeze, all you've been doing is"& vbCrLf & "clicking an OK button.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("How lame is that?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("But there is a bonus to all this",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("But it's a secret."& vbCrLf & "So I can't tell you.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("I got you going, didn't I?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You should've seen the look"& vbCrLf & "on your face! HAHA!",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("But seriously, there is a secret."& vbCrLf & "There's been one the whole time.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You've been busy clicking away at"& vbCrLf & "this error message...",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("...when all the while a little invisible"& vbCrLf & "message has been watching your every move.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("and so on and so forth",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Have you found it?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Look harder!"& vbCrLf & "It's right under your nose.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("I know where it is."& vbCrLf & "But I'll never tell.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Or maybe i will...",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("But you gotta stop clicking the"& vbCrLf & "OK button first!",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Fine, I won't tell you"& vbCrLf & "the secret.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Go ahead. Try to find it yourself"& vbCrLf & "You'll never find it.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Well you might... but the odds"& vbCrLf & "are against you.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("What's your favourite letter?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Mine is the squiggly",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Haven't found it yet?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Then stop clicking and i'll tell you.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You know what?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("POOF! IT'S GONE!",3,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Has anyone ever slapped you?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Cuz I will.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Really, I will.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("It won't hurt though.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Cuz you're dead.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Remember you went and blew up"& vbCrLf & "the entire planet!",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Thought I'd forget about that"& vbCrLf & "didn't you?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("But an elephant never forgets!",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("...or something along those lines.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You killed everyone.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("What would your mother say",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("That's right... feel bad.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("the world is null and you're to blame.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("I'd recommend suicide"& vbCrLf & "but you're dead already.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("So there's only one thing left"& vbCrLf & "you can do...",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Stop clicking the button.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Dude, Your dead."& vbCrLf & "What are you gaining from this?.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Okay, every time you click, you"& vbCrLf & "get sent to a lower layer of hell.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Welcome to layer 2.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("BOOM!"& vbCrLf &"You've exploded Hell.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("I hope you're happy.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Heaven's gone too."& vbCrLf &"That's how smooth you are.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Now your dead, and there's"& vbCrLf &"no heaven or hell.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("How does it feel?"& vbCrLf &"You've condemned the world to limbo.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("I once shot a man for being in limbo.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("...or was he doing the limbo?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Meh, Tomato Tomahto",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("This is getting boring isn't it?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("But you can't stop!"& vbCrLf &"You are just trying to close this ERROR message." ,0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You want to end this."& vbCrLf &"You want to leave..." ,0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("But you can't!",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You need to see if there's a pot of gold"& vbCrLf &"at the end of the rainbow!" ,0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("But I've already told you how to"& vbCrLf &"find the pot of gold" ,0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Follow the white rabbit.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("...erm, OK button.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Remember the hidden button?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Or are you so self-centered you"& vbCrLf &"forgot about that too?" ,0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("I could just keep you here all day"& vbCrLf &"if i wanted.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You're in my world now.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("No matter how much you"& vbCrLf &"hate it, you have to press the OK button.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("and again...",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("and again.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You just keep hoping something"& vbCrLf &"good will come out of this.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Sure I could tell you if I wanted"& vbCrLf &"to, but I'm not gonna.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You've decided to keep clicking."& vbCrLf &"so I'm gonna enjoy it.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("I mean, there's nothing else to enjoy.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You blew it all up remember?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("You're probably wondering who i am...",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Well, let me tell you a tale about my self.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("One day I was walking home from"& vbCrLf &"work and I saw a small little house.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("I knocked on the door out of curiosety."& vbCrLf &"to see if any one was home.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("THE DOOR OPENED!",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("But no one was there.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("I went inside to check it out"& vbCrLf &"and found nothing...",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Nothing but a empty computer case.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("So i opened it.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Inside the case was a layer of"& vbCrLf &"foam protecting its contents.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("I removed the foam and there it was...",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("... ...",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Oh! Right! The story",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("So there I was, holding"& vbCrLf &"this computer case in my hands.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("The top was open and sitting"& vbCrLf &"inside was this...",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("ERROR Message and OK Button.",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("And do you know what it said?",0,"ERROR")
x=msgbox("Oh, I'll tell you what it said."& vbCrLf &"The ERROR Message said...",0,"ERROR")

Step 2:

for even more fun put it in startup of someones computer

Step 3:

just don't get into trouble and have fun.    :-)



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