Vegan Potato Soup

Introduction: Vegan Potato Soup

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hello everybody,


this is my first instructable in the food category, usually I am more into electronics and plants... however I do work in a restaurant AND cook at home everyday. my wife and I go out to eat maybe once a month (we have to be really desperate, it is very rare)



prep time; 5 minutes

cook time: 20 minutes

yields 7 bowls (~21 ladles - 3 per bowl)

cost ~5 to 7$ depending on where you get your ingredients.


the soup has no spices, no oil, no salt etc. this is as pure as it gets !


let's cook..>

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Step 1: Ingredients + Tools

ingredients ( no salt, no spices, no oil )

4x large potatoes

1x cup rice (rice machine cup)

2x tomatoes

2x carrots

1x mushroom

1x lemon

1x avacado (optional to make it more creamy)

1x arugula



knife + cutting board

rice machine (optional)

immersion blender

Step 2: Step by Step

1. start the rice first (it should be done just when the potatoes are done boiling..)

2. slice the potatoes, the smaller you cut the faster they will boil..

3. now that rice & potatoes are going, cut all other ingredients while waiting and get ready

4. once the potatoes are boiling and soft enough (check with a fork), blend them until creamy

5. add in ONLY the avacado & lemon juice, blend again until creamy and turn off the stove (potatoes will keep hot).

6. the rice machine should be finished now, add in the rice as well (do NOT blend anything else anymore)

7. add the carrots, tomatoes and mushrooms, stir with your favorite wooden spoon

8. serve and top with the arugula


there you go, it is very fast and extremely filling. it is also very light. believe it or not but I usually make it 2/3 times per week and eat the entire thing by myself, yes 7 bowls :)


why vegan ?


thank you for your time

love & peace


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