Vegetable Garden

Step 1:

(the seeds are soaked in water for a night before planting) first i made the drainage for the bigger plants in the tray with a drill (tray was metal)

then put a layer of stones so the cocopeat doesnt spill out the holes

over that i poured a layer of cocopeat and put the plants in

Step 2:

for the small plants i used paper cups with holes (for watering) then cut holes in a plastic box to hold the cups then in then put the cups in the holder in the box with water so the plants dont have to be watered they are in water all the time but not drowning : above the water just a little in the water

Step 3:

then i just put the tray in a sunny spot outside (above ground) and water it daily after a week i added manure

and for the small ones i just have to change the water once in a while



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