Vertical Garden, Vegetal Wall / Fense From Recycled Wood





Introduction: Vertical Garden, Vegetal Wall / Fense From Recycled Wood

here's the idea: make a living wall that will be used as ocultation (hide trash can)

the equipment used:

-the structure of a wooden bed (recovery)
-A sheet (Idont now how to name this, I'm french (size: 20 cm more than the channel width, 2.5 times its height, choose a green or camouflage color)
-a stapler
-4 wheels

the idea is not mine, I found this site:

I've only recycled the bed :)

I'll post some new pics when the garden is "green"

the pictures speak for themselves



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    Any current pictures? I'd really like to see how this system is fairing.

    great idea. I've seen ladder-type vertical shelf systems - in fact theres a Ladder Allotment website, selling various heights and number of shelves, at various £££££ - but this is a lot more elegant. Would stability be a problem? ,my paving isn't exactly dead level.

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    I've put wheels in order to move it easily as I use it to hide some stuff, mine do not weight a lot and is very stable.

    thanks for that!

    of course, you've got the wheels widely spread, which would help stability a lot. I'm a bit wary when it comes to things that are bigger than me!

    well I'm not sure yet :)
    we are having a bad starting summer in France (Paris) so, right now, I'm just testing some plants