Very Cheap DIY White Board!!

Introduction: Very Cheap DIY White Board!!

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This really isnt an instructable, its more of a walk through put in simple words. So I was getting fed up of drawing schematics on notebook paper then scrapping them after a minor mistake so i searched for whiteboards online and the prices blew me away! after realizing buying one is not an option i was left with my brain to think of an alternate route, and so i came across this idea! so simple, i kicked myself for not thinking of it sooner. Alls you need is a few things, of which you might already have around your house or garage, the things needed would be a can of white spray paint, a few screws, and a few hook screw, and an old glass window from a screen door. I had a few in my garage and when i saw it the wheels were in motion! its so simple, alls you do is clean the glass with water or window cleaner, dry it and spray paint one side white, this might take a few coats to get an even, smooth look, after the paint dries you simply just hang it on your wall, the easiest method i found was to draw a straight line on a wall, and mark the far left, the middle and the far right with a marker, then drill dry wall screws on each mark (3), dont drill them in all the way, leave less than half an inch so you can put the DIY board on top of those screws, after that is done mark the wall where the top of the board rests, far left and far right, screw in one screw hook on the top far left and the other screw hook on the top far right, now tighten up the bottom screws until they are tight against the board, then simply just screw the hook screws in all the way until they are tight against the board and you are done! you can use any dry erase markers with this and they will wipe away with ease! and this mounting method has not failed yet, there is no way this board is falling off the wall.    

*also when mounting this you must mount it with the spay painted part facing the wall

*the base screws hold the bottom of the board in place and tight against the wall and the hook screw hold the top in place and tight against the wall, the hook screws provide a lot of stability.

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