Very Simple Beginner Rc Car

Introduction: Very Simple Beginner Rc Car

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How would it feel using all 6 channels of an Rc receiver controlled by a 2.4 ghz tx? Well fun! I had a few problems which i got help with the author foamboardRc. Here is a project which took me no more than 5 minutes. If you have any problems please ask i will answer as quickly as possible.

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Step 1: Go Get the Stuff to Build This Fella

here is what you need.

2x Continuous rotation servos. Here is a link on how to modify your servos.

Transmitter and receiver. On a budget you would prefer a computer transmitter.

Wheels. Make sure they fit your Servos.

Plenty of tape.

A pair of scissors or a knife.


screws which come with your servos.

Batteries. I scavenged mine from a powerbank for the mobile phone. 7.4v 2600 mAh.

NEVER power your receiver with over 5v or it will get fried. Mine had an inbuilt 7805 so i could risk it. I am not responsible for any fried receivers.

Step 2: Prep Up the Chassis

Align your servos.

Tape it across.

Then tape again from the middle to make it strong.

Else superglue it.

Step 3: Batteries . Aka the Powerhouse

Get those batteries on the frame. As i had used a kind of pre-used double sided tape, I also put another layer of transparent tape to provide some stability.

Step 4: The Brain (receiver)

If your receiver has an antenna which protrudes from the chassis then just tape it to your receiver.

Use some double side tape or velcro to attach it.

Step 5: The Wheels

this is a very easy and one of the easiest steps there is to be.

Screw in these wheels into place.

Step 6: Connections.

of the 6 channels i found channels 3 and 4 easiest to use (elevator and ailerons).

you can use any, your convenience.

Step 7: Castor Aka the Balance-maker

Superglue the castors.

for increased stability i used 2.

Step 8: Let It Free.

I will soon post a video of it in action

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    it is not too fast coz continuous rotation servos are used, you could use a servo to drive a faster motor but you risk losing your servo.