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Introduction: Very Simple Wire Bracelet

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بنام خدا

در این آموزش میتونید نحوه ی ساخت یک دستبند سیمی خیلی ساده رو ببینید که میتونید به عزیزانتون هدیه بدید!

In the name of god,

Hi everybody!

the colored bracelet you see in the pictures is one of the simplest bracelets I've ever seen,and almost everyone can make his/her own edition! Because the steps are so easy,I'm not gonna describe too much,because the pictures says it all.

Step 1: All You Need!

Step 2: First Node!

just look at the pictures,bend both of wire sides and wrap it twice or three times around the center. then cut the extra wire!

Step 3: Second and Third Node!

the second and third node can be made as the same as the first one. you can see the result in the fourth picture.

Step 4: Trickiest Part!

The most tricky part is making the 4th node connected to the 2nd and 3rd one. follow as you see in the pictures!

Step 5: And the Rest Goes On!

the rest of the nodes goes on until you have reached your delightful length! the mechanism for closing the bracelet is very easy,you can improve it according to your creativity!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice, perhaps a drop of epoxy on the closing end of each node would make sure that it would not come undone, and make it more hardwearing


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you for your good suggestion! :)