Vibratory Feeder for Grinding Mill Automation

Introduction: Vibratory Feeder for Grinding Mill Automation

vibratory feeder is simple device which works on priciple of induction, it is used to feed material in grinding mill, it is use in packaging industries, to pack ur lays, kurkure anything , ruffle ,many medicinal powder that require to be filled in bottle precisly.i use to jus feed low melt polymer to grinding mill, last picture is of simple single phase dimmer which I use increse and decrease voltage to vibratory feeder thus incresing or decreasing vibrations and flow of material. flour mills also use this type of feeders to feed wheat to the machine,,, its structure is very basic u can see spring steel hardend plates diagonal two sets in between square part is a coil which pulls front diagonal spring plates, which cause forward vibration.i have face peciular problem of feeding , in which my vibratory feeder vibrations change even due to minor change in hertz which I dont have a control on it,, cause hertz are decided in main electric generator windings, also due to abrupt voltage changes vibration kept wobbling whole day, I had 50 hp motor for grinding which depend on vibratory feeder feeding, these changes in volts and hertz made my life miserable contantly every five min I have to increse or decrease dimmer volt to suit to the motor ampere rating so I get optimum output, and another problem was if polymer added in machine in bit large quantity its immediately melts in grinding chamber and ceasing 50 hp motor to halt, I was suggested by many enginners different remedy all these years, one remedy was to use small ac drive for 400 watt coil in vibratory feeder, which will provide constant hertz and constant volt to my vibratory feeder,, thing is hertz effected my all motors in my factory, if I do make vibrator hetz volt constant then what will happen of beefy 50 hp motor.
motor reaction to hertz, while hertz slightly increase say from 49.60 hz to 50.05 hertz motor turns moree efficient and sliding hertz back motor efficency,, again with drive was not able to solve my problem. finally I decided to make my own model, based on my experince and need, and life is breeze now ,,, my small unit jus takes care of feeding whole day, for which I had to previously employ a whole day labour, and good thing is my small controller jus was made in one months salary of worker and giving me years of benifit, also now I can employ unskilled labours,new commers life is really fun now

Step 1: Things Required-

1.u need a motorised feeder, I jus attached motor to my existing dimmer
2.a digital ampere meter with relay same as hig and low availble for temprature controllers (u wont get readily availble ,u have to tailor made this thing from digital electronic maker
3. a one set of delay and cyclic timer to increase voltage for vibrator
4. one more set of delay and cyclic timers to decrease voltage of vibrator (total two delay timer and two cyclic timer u can see in picture above,,, cyclic timer has two rotary setting knob and delay timer have jus one)
5. one contactor without relay
6, and one hooter very important
all these things will cost u around 12.5k to 16 k,, and ur life will be easy as mine obiviously if you a have same problem.

Step 2: Working

now I have jus mimic my hand with this unit, simply like me standing there whole day, and I sitting in my office,,,

maximum safe ampere for 50 hp unit is 62 ampere and u can easily vary ampere range 59 to 62, with this simple unit and it will monitor ampere whole day every and every mili seconds, it will also start ur feeder from zero to optimum setting done in current ampere meter relays, now simply set low relay to 59 and hight relay to 62,,,, wiring is v simple
wiring when ampere range is below 59
low relay turns high, now u have to attach a delay timer seting delay of 3 fo 4 seconds (cause ampere may fluctuate below 59 again and again for few seconds., delay timer help to stop frquent singnal to motorised dimmer) then after delay comes cyclic timer (cyclic timer will put on and off to dimmer motor in cyclic interval,,,,, v v v inp thing,,,,,,,, cause whenever dimmer will increase voltage it will take aroung 5 second to get realized by ampere meter so , jus like my hand it should inceease voltage and wait for response then do this cyclic activity till ampere has reahed 59 amperes and relay will stop) jus simply set second or miliseconds in cyclic timer way u require mine is set for 0.7 second supply to dimmer motor and wait for 8 seconds, so in every 8 second interval 0.7 seconds dimmer motor forward increase one volt every 8 second same mimicing my fingers,,,, and in same way lowering voltage can be done wiring is simple,,,,ampere meter relay, turns delay timer on, delay timer turns on motor in forward or backward direction as ampere meter signal of low or high ampere seting,,,, life is breeze and if ur only concerened about precise feeding jus how in packaging u dont have to control ampere simple use small drive, my vibratory coil is single face and its work very well on single phase in three phase out drive jus for my another machine without ampere control, I jus have attahed two phase of drive to neutral and phase of coil without any shortcomming or difficulty,, though its written on drive not for single phase,,but still u need to cautious while attempting this,,,I dont take any liability if this unit does not work or do any personal injury to person,,,,I have given relevant data which are actually working from one year in my company thank u,,I have to upload a video to show u all guys motorised dimmer in action with amper meter and me sleeping,,,,haha

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    Reply 5 years ago

    I m new to this site,,,,, I didnt understand loud in what sense,,,,,, u can also use arduino instead of timers,, but u will need relay along with this,240 v 6 amp 2 channels


    Reply 5 years ago

    prices of parts,,,,,,,,,, motorised dimmer 40 dollar,,, seletron cyclic timer 13 dollars times 2,,,,,,,,,,, delay timer 8 dollars x 2,,,, 2 dollar hooter,,,, and contacter 8 dollar telemechanic france,,,,,, ampere meter with low and up relay tailor made 35 dollars,,,,, box I used old 3 phase motor starter box,,, u dont need any darn plc , programble switch and all jus basic timers, its cheapest method and most accurate that mimic human,,,,, it cost me 180 dollar I take work from it 24 hrs from last one year except for sundays,, wiring I gave to local electrician who guranteed me it will never work,,,, but I know v well essence of this unit,, a great success