Vintage (aviator) Looking Sound System





Introduction: Vintage (aviator) Looking Sound System

I discovered recently some struff made out of "aviation" parts
looked for me wonderful :)
and it came to me that perhaps I could make something like that by turning an old speaker into this (see the photo)

what you'll need:

- old speaker (or a wooden box)
- PC speakers
- Lot of soda cans

all you have to do next is:
- to take appart the PC speakers, to save the "ampli" card and the speakers.
- make holes in the wooden old speaker to fit the little ones from the PC speakers
- assemble the whole thing.
- use the cans to cover the "box" by using nails
- use a grid to cover the speakers

ps: excuse my poor english (I'm french.....)   :)



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    Good project, but I think what makes the chair look the part is the rounded shape. When was the last time you saw a square airplane? If you do a version 2, I'd recommend trying to round at least a portion of the box.

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    You are right, Infortunately I had only this square box speaker as a start :)