Viper 1000




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This is my favorite instructable, it will shoot 40 feet with 3 rubber bands . It is easy to build it took me one day.don't judge it by its looks.

          good range  40+FT.
          shoots green rods
          easy to build

cons:bad looks
          flimsy handle
          no removable mag

Step 1:



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    Well, its alright, but I would suggest that you don't...wait, does this thing shoot green rods? Oh, BTW, you might want to take more time when it comes to 'ibles, talk about your gun, spend time elaborating, give us stats (pros and cons). You have two sentences... O.O

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    It's okay, a bit outdated. Change the trigger to one that blocks back further, to get better range with fewer bands.
    Keep up the work

    4 replies

    Okay, I understand. Sorry for the triple post, sometimes the post button glitches a bit, and then BAM 3 comments. I'll delete the others