Lamp Charging Station




Introduction: Lamp Charging Station

Robot Charging Station

This lamp again uses a lot of pieces and parts found in my dads shop.

1-4x4 electrical box

1 outlet/switch cover

3-1/2 t's

4-1/2" 90's

2-1/2 st.45's

2-1/2" caps

9-1/2" close nipples

1 computer power cord

2-1/2" wire clamps



misc lamp parts

The shade is from an old desk lamp

Again the plug has power all the time and the light can be turned on and off with the switch.

This is intended to be a nightstand lamp and charger for your phone etc.



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    Suggestion if using to charge phone, etc... cough up some cash for a usb outlet. Little less bulky; no big plugs just a simple cable.

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