Visualization of Real and Virtual Prototype Using Solidworks, Labview and Arduino

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If you don't know How your CAD model works before going for a 3D print, This might be a solution to some of the users who wants to visualize the performance of their CAD Assembly model. You might think visualization can be done with any software, most of the CAD software comes with the simulation package, but what if you want to compare the visualization with the real system?

What you need to achieve this?


Labview and NI softmotion

LINX or LIFA (if you use linx you need to create a library for working with servo motors, linx don't have the support for servo motors.)


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Step 1: Create a CAD Model in SolidWorks

I created a Tower pro model in Solidworks to visualize its performance with the real servo motor , If you have any other CAD model and a working model of the same, you can use it .

If you want to use the same CAD file , It can be downloaded from the link below.

Check the below instructable to know how to interface CAD model with Labview

Step 2: Create Labview File

Labview File can be download from the below link.

Step 3: How to Test CAD Servo and Real Servo Motor

download Labview and Solidworks files.

Open the project file named servotest.lvproj

Open the CAD file in the Project explorer (if the CAD files say out of date) right click and select synchronize to assembly.

connect the real servo motor to arduino pin 3.

connect the arduino to system and upload the firmwire for labview. if you are new to arduino and labview check the link for how to interface labview and arduino

Select all the file in the labview project explorer window and right click and select deploy.

right click the Solidworks assembly file in the Project explorer and select start simulation

Open the VI ( file in the project explorer and run the labview file.

change the servo position by controlling the dial in the front panel.

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    3 years ago

    can I do something like that but with MATLAB SOLIDWORKS & ARDUINO? thanks for answer.


    3 years ago

    can I do something like that but with MATLAB SOLIDWORKS & ARDUINO? thanks for answer.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    labview version of what you wear? I am very interested in this project, and I am excited to be able to understand it ... Thanks before...