Intro: Wa2000

this is my wa2000. i havent been posting alot with school and everything but there should be more guns to come soon.
this gun is a slingshot gun. it works the same as the rpg i made a while back and has the same power.this gun is alot of fun to use and to answer your question, yes, i have been playing too much mw2



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have that L96 =)!!! its an awesome gun. whats your scope? by the way I got it to five stars its realy well made

     What scope you got on it? And guess what airsoft gun i have?!


    370-380 FPS full/semi auto (Two stage trigger)
    Weaver rail  (Fitted with a 4x32)
    Barrel mounted laser
    330 hi-cap mag

    (The one in pic isnt mine, but it's the closest to mine i could find.  Mine is 2-toned...)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    nah, the best sniper on mw2 is the Barrett!

    Btw, nice replica! But perhaps you could add the little barrel end sticking out of the...box structure....like the real thing? :D

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