Wacom Pen - Learn to Find It!



So like me you use a Wacom pen for your computer art, but aren't you always crazy about misplacing the pen.  Atleast once a day it happens.  Ive been onto Wacom to ask them to put an LED in the eraser that comes on when it lies down, but nothing.

So I thought id make my own:

1st - you cant cut the pen because of some electronics inside so I pulled the eraser out and removed the end ring.
2nd - Buy a 19mm (Largest) glow in the dark earplug and drill a 7mm hole in, just as deep at the end of the pen, then glue it on.
3rd - But a Mini USB torch in whatever colour suits you.  Mine is still sellotaped to the ear plug but later ill glue it.
4th - Use it, it lasts 150 mins on full beam but I set mine on flash and its never gone off yet in a day.  Only 10mins to charge anyway, even if the torch failed the glow plug lasts a while.

Lets show Wacom we are fed up with paying £100 for new pens when they get lost!



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