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yes, i just watched WARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

this is super easy to do, WATCH THE VIDEO to have a better idea

i am mexican sorry if some of these is writen wrongly ha ha

so i wanted a walman, and a lot of song in mp3. this is´nt realy a tutorial because this is soo easy to do, just want to share the idea, it is all glued 9 mm plywood (use those new strong wood glues and clamps) i used 9 mm plywood but i supose you can use thiner plywood or wood, i used manual tools to cut the plywood, and sandpaper glued to a flat wood to shape the edges, it is open at both sides on the top to put the phone in and in te bottom to push it out, tho screws avoid the pone to slide out, the buttons are scupled from soft wood and the hole to see the tape with a jigsaw, i downloaded an android player that simulates a tape playing, you can play pause foward etc just touching this sposed part of the screen (watch the video) i used an app called DELITAPE but there are some more apps like this, the clip belt is just some thin aluminium plate i cuted and sanded the edges you can use some bondo to hide the joints, i glued a SONY logo from an old radio

just ask me if you need to know someting or if you have a better idea



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    And when you bend over, wont it fall out? I cant see a top or anything, any ideas on how to keep it from falling?

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    it dont fall i skate using this case, but you can glue some felt inside ti thigthen the phone, it is a little random design


    4 years ago on Introduction

    xD, Thats really cool!, what are the wood patterns for this? xD