Wallet for People With Spasticity




I wanted to make a wallet for people with Spasticity. It could be handy because they can't hold stuff with their hands so why not make a wallet that fits around your wrist.

Step 1: The 'perfect' Wallet

Imagine a wallet that perfectly fits around your wrist. think about the measurements and draw your designs on paper.

Step 2: Solid Works Sketch

you can use this file for 3d-printing the same wallet.

Step 3: The Other Part

Step 4: 3d-printing

This is a manual for 3-D printing in Dutch.

Step 5: 2 Parts Eventually

Step 6: Parts

you can see that there is still a lot of overflowing material. This has to be removed so you can attach the wrist band.The best way to do this is with a knife

Step 7: Attachment

on this picture you can see that i've attached the two seperate parts with glue, tape is also an option. the wrist band has been attached to the wallet via stitches and to tie the wrist band around your wrist you use the velcro.



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    3 years ago

    Interesting design! Have you printed it out and tested and had sometime test it yet? I'd be curious to see the finalized version, if you have a photo.

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    thank you, this is a school project i've been working on. it's still in progress so still making improvements. finalized version will be uploaded in the future.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Cool, thanks for responding. Keep up the good work!