Wallet From an Old Keyboard





Introduction: Wallet From an Old Keyboard

About: I am 12 years old and like to make things

In my first instructable i will show how to make a wallet from an old keyboard.
this is my entry for the contest: Keyboard vs. Mouse Speed Challenge
you will need:
-Scotch tape
-White board marker/Permanent marker
-Ruler (not in the picture)

Step 1: Open the Keyboard

Get your screwdriver and open your keyboard.
After you open your keyboard get the plastic thing there

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces

Now get your ruler and marker and do this
4 pcs of 10cm x 8cm
4 pcs of  9cm x 3cm
and cut them

Step 3: Taping Time

tape the pieces like on the pic

Step 4: Putting the Card Pouches

put the pouches on the right places like on the pic

Step 5: AND YOUR DONE!!!



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