War Machine Inspired Canon Which Shoots Potatos

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here is wat i made . it is actually a potato cannon which i made getting inspired from war machine............. :_


Step 1:

Step 2: Materials


a charger

a battery holder

a battery





and regular tools

Step 3: Transformer

take the charger and remove all the screws. then cut the wires which were connected to the terminals which go in to the charging point/

Step 4:

take the charger and chop out the black wire. we r goin to need the balack wire so just cop out the round thing

Step 5:

take the aa batteries and put it in the holder. now take the long black wire from the charger and cut out the top rubber part but not the wire. then take the wire and connect it to one end of the battery holder .now take another wire and connect it to the other end of the battery holder.and then connect the other end of the wire and connect it to the transformer.but remember that connect the wire to the end which was connected to the metal terminals not the long wire.

Step 6:

take the pvc pipes and tape one the ends. now make 2 holes in it and put 2 wires inside it.do the same with the other.

and now tape them together . connect these wires to transformer.

Step 7:

ya before connecting the pipe wires to the transformer tape the transformer on the 2 pipes and then use the Velcro to tie it to your hand.after this its ready

Step 8:

to make it work spray some deo inside the pipe and then put a piece of potato and then ignite it.



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