Warhammer Models: Base Plate





Introduction: Warhammer Models: Base Plate

how to make the boring base plates of the warhammer models



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    Just so you know, the video is set to "private," so no one can watch it. ><

    I would love to watch this video but it is showing private.

     yes i know, English isn't my best subject on shool, and not my 1st language.
    so, please don't notice my bat English, ok? 

    Your English is better than my skills at what your first language is. I could understand what you were trying to tell us. That's a pretty decent video Instructable. Well done!

    Well done, I think its a good job. Too many folk like to over complicate model making, something nice and simple that a beginner feels they can do easily is what I like to see.

    Nederlands? Why didn't you put grass and sand on the sides of the base...looks unfinished. It looks like you're using way too much glue as well.

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    Well, since you have to move the models around on terrain and things, it has to be moved easily, anyway, would grass be "under" the ground in a circle?