Water Bottle Cannon




You will be able to hit people just with a water bottle cap! If you do it right it can kind of hurt. Sorry but I dont have a camera, and I dont have enough money to buy a camera. Infact I dont have my own car.


Step 1: Basics

You can take a 1pt,0.9 fl oz bottle, and be able to hit someone with the cap because of pressure build up. You should use a dry bottle, but you can ad water in it and it will be more powerful.

Step 2: Getting Ready

You take your empty or filled bottle, and have the cap on. (if your filling it only fill a little bit). Gentley unsrew it abit. Have it so you can easly unsrew it, but so no air or water can get out.

Step 3: Loading

Twist the bottom as tight as you can, and then your bottle is loaded. Or you can lay it on the ground and step on the bottom of the bottle, and when it is flat roll the bottom up.

Step 4: Fire

Now your done. All you do now is ame then use your thumb to twist off the cap, and...BOOM! It makes a loud bang and if you aded water and it was tighten good you can see evaorated water coming out!



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    14 Discussions

    well, It took me a while to manage getting the baking soda in the bottle in time because the reaction happens so quickly. it is stronger, but very dangerous, because you risk the bottle exploding in your hands. small correction, velocity is just speed given with a direction. ex) 35 mph. north.

    Big Correction:

    A Vector is magnitude(in this case, velocity) with direction. A Scalor is magnitude without. Velocity is Distance per Time unit. Meters per second. Miles Per Hour. Velocities do not always have direction.

    oh well, i was wrong. there is a reason i failed physics. but, the bottle cap would still have direction. So velocity was still correct.

    yes... well, in my experience, velocity was always a optional thing. The only reason I corrected OinkOinkzoopals is because he should have said 4X the speed, not 4X the velocity, because that made him sound stupid.


    sorry but i dont have a camera or enough money to buy one. just so i know what to fix can you give me exactly what is wrong thank you