Summer Blast Water Gun




super water gun! Good for summer and the spry bottle top has to ways/stream/spry +summers heat +water gun=fun!injoy! yes i frogot v2 is comming soon i dont know how to make a ICE CAMBER to make it even cooler pleaze comints how i can do that any ideas you have tell me ok!


Step 1: Get to Know What Your Making

to make this sweet water gun look Bleow and take a look at it to know what your making.

Step 2: What You Need:

you will need 1 windo sprayer,5 caps , rubber cment,3 coke bottles (small),and sisers! note replace the spry bottle (bottle) with one coke bottle small with cap

Step 3: Step 3

get the coke bottle

Step 4: Step 4

take the bottle and make 2 holes as shone

Step 5: Step 5

now take 2 bottles and on one bottle make a hole do the same on the other bottle

Step 6: Step 6

take the rubber sment and on the bottle with 2 holes take the rubber cment and glue as shone and do the same on the bottles with 1 hole.

Step 7: Step7

now the bottle with one hole place it to the hole do the same with the other one

Step 8: Last Step

now the bottle with 2 holes look on the bottom glue the trigger with rubber cment the pipe make a hole on the bottle put pipe in it and use rubber cment by the pip intal its seald the hole with pipe in it so it wont leak.

Step 9: Done!!!!

and your done!have fun!fill it up by taking off the both caps on top



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    11 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    does it work. im not sure what those pictures mean actually take photos

    i think you should take photos instead of pictures. it looks like a very bad looking triple venn diagram


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i just can not see what these pictures want to show me... please please please PLSSS take photos!

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Actually to me, it's pretty simple. Though you probably don't want to make this (from what I think it wants you to do). I think this Ible is trying to show you how to make a bigger reservoir for a window sprayer. Basically he puts holes in all the 3 bottles and lines them up. Next he glues the holes to each other, so that water can flow into each bottle. Lastly all you have to do is spray. To me, this is kind of dumb. I mean using a window sprayer as a water gun? And this is heavy too. Imagine running away from a enemy while hauling three 2L bottles of coke. Not a good idea.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sure your gun works really well, but this so needs more detailled instructions and photos, even if you have to borrow one off a friend.

    2 replies

    10 years ago on Introduction

    is this just how to put the top of a spray bottle onto a bigger bottle? you need more pictures, or even just some more accurately and carefully drawn ones in paint and more writing in the steps to describe them


    10 years ago on Introduction

    you're going to need alot more than "do this and you're done" and something better than windows paint images there's absolutely NO instructions anywhere in there that anyone could follow....and the pictures are....less than descriptive good try but you might want to put a bit more work in