Water Level Sensor Alarm

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Intro: Water Level Sensor Alarm

this water level sensor can alarm you when water reaches at the top of your tank

Step 1: Materials Needed

the materials needed are
Transistor bc 548
2 resistors 220 ohms
red led
buzzer (optional)
battery 9v
9v battery cap

Step 2: Transistor Assembly

Take your transitor and connect 2 wires to the middel wire and the right hand side wire.

Then take one 220 ohms resitor and connect it to anyone of the wires coming out

Step 3: Led Assembly and the Transistor Circit

At first connect a resistor to the longer leg of the led

Then connect a wire to the led 's resistors leg

after it comes the bit confusing part Conneting the transistor circit to the led circit to do it connect one wire to the one leg of the transistor circit's resistor

now you'll be left with 3 wires 2 from the transistor circit and 1 from the led circit

one leg of the led will be left

Step 4: Connecting Wires and Battery

Now take the battery cap and then connect the black wire to the left leg of the led and red wire to the transistor circit's resistor's wire

now you'll be left with 2 wires you may connect then to electrodes.

Step 5: See It Working!!

when the electrodes will br dipped in water the led will glow

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8:



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    4 Discussions

    well i say. You have made the good circuit. keep it up... good luck for your next circuit

    good attempt buddy... But what if you use less components to make your project...


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Looks good for a first try. Definitely consider deleting the empty steps at the end of the project, though.

    p mishra

    4 years ago

    hey guys its my first instructible